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As a design researcher, I carried out different design work in the field of health and wellbeing. Design is a valuable mean through which people's needs, behaviour and perspectives can be investigated. Living lab, or in other words, in the context explorations can result in interesting new insights and inspire new designs.

Ongoing design work

Designing social technology for dementia care

People living with dementia have been hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. The impact of the lockdown measure can have a tremendous impact on people with dementia. The need for social contact via technology is more important than ever, but current technology is not accessible for them. Iteratively, I created a new design, which is introduced and currently evaluated at people's home.



Designing Media Experiences in Residential Dementia Care

Although research in HCI and dementia have shown that person-centered design yields positive results, little is known about designing media experiences in shared care spaces. To investigate this, we designed AmbientEcho, an interactive system that offers bespoke and curated media content through different modalities.

DementiaLab Exhibition

Organisation and management of the dementia lab conference exhibition

The DementiaLab conference was hosted by the Eindhoven University of Technology. Since my PhD is carried out within the Dementia Lab at the TU/e, my team and I were responsible for the organisation of this conference. One of my responsibilities was managing and organising the design exhibition.

Sentic App

Graphical user interface design of the sentic music player

A graphical user interface design is created to personalise the music to the preferences of the user. Each color refers to a music token on which a maximum of 5 music (sound) tracks can be uploaded. For loved ones it is even possible to control the sentic device via this application (regulate sound, sequence numbers).

Dutch Design Week 2018  //  Dubai Design Week 2018

Sentic music player

Customizable design for people with dementia

As dementia progression is heterogeneous within and between persons with dementia and originates both from the disease and individuals' characteristics, technology should be designed in a way that enables its continuous adjustments to the changing needs and circumstances.

Nominated for the social design award at Dutch Design Week 2018  //  Dubai Design Week 2018

Wearable Radiology

Designing for efficiency and comfort in Interventional Radiology

In the interventional radiology suite procedures such as a biopsy, diagnosis or therapies are precisely guided with real-time fluoroscopy. A new interaction design was made to make procedure more efficient and comfortable. From ethnographic research it became apparent that the interaction flow needed to be revised. A wearable solution is developed and evaluated in the suite. 

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