A design for people living with dementia

People with dementia are affected by cognitive and behavioral changes, making it increasingly difficult to control everyday products. By adapting to the physical and cognitive abilities through the implementation of multi-sensory stimulation it can contribute to people’s self-reliance and self-esteem. 


A multi-use music player to give people with dementia better access

Music as an incentive has the ability to affect people by recalling positive memories and personal narratives. Reminiscence integrating individual experiences through a music-based intervention can positively influence cognitive subjective well-being and functioning, whereby a haptic interaction in combination with other senses can intensify these positive outcomes by encouraging active participation for people with dementia. The main objective is to stimulate self-esteem and positive memories for individuals with dementia, as part of the efforts to stimulate longer independence living for a better quality of life. 

Users upload music to the player via a dedicated app. Once loaded with music, Sentic is operated using a tangible interface that encourages touch and play. The player is designed to be fully customizable, encouraging users to personalize its appearance and their experience. This process of personalization has been shown to increase feelings of control and self-reliance among those suffering dementia, while the music improves mood and triggers memories

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Dutch Care Institution Pleyade, Pleyade Innovation Team & GGZe



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Research, Design & Development



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Eindhoven University of Technology



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Dutch Design Week

Nominated for the Social Design Talent Award 2018


Guest speaker Alzheimer Nederland

Day for the Volunteers 2018


Publication in Eindhovens Dagblad 16 mei 2018

Dementiacafe Veldhoven

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